The Country of the rising Sun’s flavors through exploration and innovation.

MU Fish discover his roots in East, evolving than through costants West’s suggestions; a place of original flavors and creativity. A new perspective on East.


With a menu constantly evolving, reflection of a kitchen attentive to changes and trends, MU Fish want to be expression of creativity: a portrait where, beginning  from the far Rising Sun’s Country, opens up to western suggestions, for discover an unique world under the innovation’s flag.

The raw material’s Art.

Every dish is figured from the raw material’s meticulous selection, valued Ogni piatto è pensato a partire da una selezione accurata delle materie prime, assessed and treated with the utmost respect for their properies: from here born up an elegance articulated from the most oriental ingredient up to the most western one.

Wood and Stone: an modern and natural atmposphere.

A modernity that wants to bring up his  link with nature: from the  large luminous windows enclose a material and modern environment, where the warmth of the wood and the cool elegance of the stone blend in a loft by the soffused and intimate lights.

The kitchen, an experience to live.

A great kitchen on sight, become a usable part of a modern and attractive environment, discovering work and preparation lying behind MU fish’s pumping heart, offering an experience that starts from the stove before ending on table.

Innovations and classics with a twist.

Special combinations for a unique and even richer experience, thanks to the great passion  and experience of our bartender and mixologist Sergio Testaverde. Here classics  and original creations to try with MU fish’s dishes make couple to choose for living and sharing an unique experience.